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MTH 418 - Matrix Analysis
Fall 2010 - Section 1

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 08-16 Website activated.
 09-20 On Homework 1, problem 5, part (b), the question is asking you to identify those subspaces that have an additive inverse with respect to the subspace addition operation defined at the beginning of the problem. That is, for which subspaces is it possible to add some other subspace and get the subspace additive identity you found in part (a)?
 12-12 I'll be in my office starting around 1pm tomorrow (Monday) for about an hour and a half. Feel free to stop by with questions about the final exam.

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   Course Syllabus
   Homework 0
   Homework 0 - Solutions
   Homework 1
   Homework 1 - Solutions
   Homework 2
   Homework 2 - Solutions
   Homework 3
   Homework 3 - Solutions
   Homework 4
   Homework 4 - Solutions
   Homework 5
   Homework 5 - Solutions
   Homework 5 1/2
   Homework 5 1/2 - Solutions
   Homework 6
   Homework 6 - Solutions

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Matrix Analysis
Roger Horn and Charles Johnson


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