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MTH 215 - Introduction to Linear Algebra
Fall 2010 - Section 2

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  Course Documents and Handouts     [+]

   Course Syllabus
   Quiz #1 - Solutions
   Quiz #2 - Solutions
   Quiz #3 - Solutions

  Homework Assignments     [+]

 HW Chapter #1        
    Section 1.1)1-4,7-9,11-18,22-25,31
Section 1.2)1-3,7-14,21-25,30
Section 1.3)5,6,9-14,17,18,23-25,29
Section 1.4)1-7,11-15,17-20,23,24,29-31
Section 1.5)7-12,23,24
Section 1.7)1-8,13-18,21-25,33-38
Section 1.8)3-8,21-24
Section 1.9)1-3,23,24,35
 HW Chapter #2        
    Section 2.1)1-12,15,16,19,20,27,28
Section 2.2)1-10,14-16,29-34
Section 2.3)1-8,11,12,15-24,36-38
Section 2.5)1-4,7-14,17,27
 HW Chapter #3        
    Section 3.1)1-4,9-18,39,40
Section 3.2)5-9,11,12,15-29,31-36
Section 3.3)1-6
 HW Chapter #4        
    Section 4.1)4,5-18,21-24
Section 4.3)1-7odd,12,21-26,33-35
Section 4.5)1-12,19-25
Section 4.4)1-7odd,9-16,21,27-32
Section 4.2)1-16,25-28
Section 4.3)13-16 (additional problems for after we've covered 4.2)
Section 4.5)13-17odd (additional problems for after we've covered 4.2)
Section 4.6)1-5odd,6-14,17,18,19-23odd,27-29
 HW Chapter #5        
    Section 5.1)1-8odd,9-15,17-20
Section 5.2)1-8,9-17odd,18
Section 5.3)5-15,19-22,23-27odd,31,32

  Course Materials     [+]

Linear Algebra and its Applications
David Lay
3rd Edition


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