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MTH 471/571 - Numerical Analysis
Fall 2009 - Section 1

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 08-31 Website activated.
 09-08 A short guide to installing Octave in Windows is now available at
 09-10 It has been brought to my attention that the bookstore doesn't have the textbook. They have just ordered it, it may take a few days for it to arrive.
 10-02 I mistakenly posted an INCOMPLETE version of Homework #2 as the solutions to Homework #1. Sorry. The links have been updated now. If you downloaded HW2 already, don't start it until I post the final version, some problems have changed since that version.
 10-03 Alright, I've posted the updated version of Homework #2 online, feel free to begin working on it. Also posted is Handout #4, a collection of some basic programs in Octave that will be helpful, as the homework assignment will ask for some programs. Good luck!
 10-22 I've posted the solutions to Homework #2
 10-30 The takehome exam has been postponed. Details in class.
 11-23 Homework #4 will be posted the Monday we return from Thanksgiving break, and will be due December 10th.
 11-29 My computer seems to be in a bad mood, I cannot upload Homework #4. I will send an email to everyone tomorrow (Monday) during the day with the homework attached.

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Numerical Analysis
Burden & Faires
8th Edition
Version 3.0 or later
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Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Stoer & Bulirsch
2nd Edition

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